Kids Space

Children often find themselves in difficult situations they did not create and that are beyond their control. There are places for them to go and people available to help; yet, because of limitations of money and time, very little is being done to create spaces that are warm and comforting.

kids space

Kids Space is a part of the mission of SafeHouse and Landmark Church. It exists to help ease the pain of emotional trauma in children—particularly those in the Foster Care system—by designing safe and fun spaces. Our intention is to work closely with facility directors to paint, decorate, and furnish the areas where counseling and visitation takes place. We will also regularly provide age-appropriate furniture, toys, and writing and coloring materials.

We can offer a bit of reprieve and comfort to children who may be experiencing the worst days of their lives by creating rooms that are warm and clean.

We can help children find recovery and healing while they are young and they can grow into strong, capable adults.